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What we can
do for you

Apps for Smartphones

We develop for iOS and Android.

Desktop Applications

Whished this one tool existed? We can make it happen!


Websites can include Design, CMS etc.

Interested? Questions? Phone: +49 (0)2175 – 99 19 863

Who We are

Lan Luu

Lan Luu

My will and passion for software development is surely bigger than my asian eyes.

  • He acquired a B.A. Business Informatics (Wirtschaftsinformatik) in Vietnam and a M.Sc. Technical Logistics (Technische Logistik) in Germany.
  • He took part in 20+ software projects/products with different positions, in various domains, in a few countries.
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Why we do what we do

Building software is our job, but also what makes us happy. Our products make life better and that motivates us.

Lan Luu - CEO

How we do it

we are flexible

Collaborating with our network of partners and partner companies, we can scale up our workforce instantly and on demand. There are always exactly as many developers, designers or testers as needed. In this constellation we are able to offer our services in almost all the major software technologies and platforms.

we are efficient

We do our work out of passion. That’s why we don’t fuss around and get things done and progress can be seen day by day.

we are experienced

For our clients, we and our partners successfully finished many projects in the following domains:

  • Logistics and SCM
  • Gastronomy
  • Digital Electricity Industry
  • Production
  • E-commerce

Our Clients

Acciona Airport Services Frankfurt GmbH

ACCIONA Airport Services is part of the Logistic and Transport Services division of ACCIONA, leader group in infrastructures and services tailored towards a sustainable development and social welfare.

Michael Feix - IT Manager
“TitanShark GmbH quickly incorporated the requirements specific to the airport and delivered result for every milestone on time. The projects success was established based on the use of an effective communicaton platform and the precise feedback to our project team. The project was accomplished within the given time frame with our full of satisfaction. We are looking forward to further projects shortly.”

The Things
we build

Besides projects for Clients, we are busy exploring new ideas. The following projects are in various stages of development.

What ties them together is our passion to make things easier and more useful.


Eat as You like!

Clever.Menu helps you and your family to discovery newly appropriate foods and drinks offered by local restaurants. You can also use Clever.Menu for ordering or reserving.

For more visit:

The Tools
we use

Microsoft .Net


Microsoft Azure Cloud




Apache Cordova

Ruby on Rails




NoSQL Databases


Agile Development

Clean Code

Contact Phone: +49 (0)2175 – 99 19 863

Where to find us:

TitanShark GmbH
Anna-Käsler-Str. 20
42799 Leichlingen