Why we do what we do

Building software is our job, but also what makes us happy. Our products make life better and that motivates us.

Who we are

We are no geeks and no gurus, we are life-long learners.

About Lan Luu

My will and passion for software development is surely bigger than my asian eyes.

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  • He built his first “Hello-World” program as he was 14 years old. Developing useful software to serve people became his wish (not his mission) more and more since then.
  • He acquired a B.A. Business Informatics (Wirtschaftsinformatik) in Vietnam and a M.Sc. Technical Logistics (Technische Logistik) in Germany.
  • He took part in 20+ software projects/products with different positions, in various domains, in a few countries. What he has gained is staying pragmatic and being productive since only the good result in a concrete working context is counted, not a “big-bang” software architecture or technology.
  • He is a versatile life-long learner, a son, a husband, a father, a sportsman, not a geek, and not a nerd also. As newbie entrepreneurs, he and his friends are constantly taking small steps toward their big goal.

About Leon Wilmanns

In art I search for problems, in the field of user experience I’m there to solve them.

  • He creates media solutions since over ten years.
  • He is currently studying “media and fine arts” at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in Germany.
  • His executed or supervised projects range from design over product concepts to hands-on development.

What we can do for you

It would be our pleasure to create your next app, website or desktop application.

Apps for Smartphones

We develop for iOS and Android.


Websites can include Design, CMS etc.

Desktop Applications

Whished this one tool existed? We can make it happen!

How We do It

we are flexible

Collaborating with our network of partners and partner companies, we can scale up our workforce instantly and on demand. There are always exactly as many developers, designers or testers as needed. In this constellation we are able to offer our services in almost all the major software technologies and platforms.


we are efficient

We do our work out of passion. That’s why we don’t fuss around and get things done and progress can be seen day by day.

we are experienced

For our clients in Germany, Japan and Vietnam we and our partners successfully finished 141 projects in the following domains:

  • Logistics & SCM
  • Business Intelligence
  • Administration
  • Social Networking
  • Gaming
  • Digital Marketing
  • Communications

Can we help you?

The Things we build



ReadyApps is is a fast and easy way for local business to have their own app. Focused on shops and restaurant ReadyApps our App makes it possible to manage reservations, send special offers to the clients phones and much more.
For details (in german) visit:




clevernow is a smart internet plattform that will aid your product finding process by product and service suggestions tailored to your needs. It is built upon a new assessment engine for structured product ratings. By using clevernow you will find your ideal products and the best-fitting service, without the need to read through dozens of different portals for finding the best price, product reviews and test reports.
Find out more at


Where to find us

Where to find us:
TitanShark GmbH
Im TechnologiePark Köln
Eupener Str. 165

50933 Köln

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