About our Tools

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Microsoft .Net

We have practised Microsofts .Net Framework since its first appearance in 2001. Spending many years to work with almost all related frameworks/patterns/products in many real-world projects (e.g. MFC, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, EntityFramework, LINQ, MVVM, SQL Server, etc.). Our love for .Net continuously rises, especially as it recently becomes more open and free. We highly recommend employing it, since we speak .Net/C# like our mother tongue and that surely saves a lot on implementation effort and cost.


We keep using Java in Android-based projects and in specific other projects where important 3rd party components (databases, computation engines) depend deeply on Java, even though Java is currently not trending as much as a few years ago. The inference engine of our clevernow product is completely built on Java.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Supplying a very comprehensive eco-system for the cloud and having evolved over the years, Azure becomes more and more important for us. We are using Azure's services in our all products (Web App, Azure SQL, Message Queue, Caching, Machine Learning, Storage).


As we love C#, we utilized Unity to build a cross-platform game. Despite the steep learning curve, Unity is great for building graphics-intensive apps.


Since google released Android Studio, the development for Android devices became easier and fun. Whenever we build for mobile, we build for Android too.


After Apple unveiled the Swift programming language, it quickly became one of the fastest growing languages in history. For consumer apps, there is no way arround iOS.

Apache Cordova

If you want to build a cross-platform data-centric App with a low budget, then Apache Cordova is for you. Among others, our apps for restaurants (clever.menu) rely on Cordova, Ionic, and Bootstrap.

Ruby on Rails

Some years ago, we implemented an online platform with Ruby on Rails. At the time Rails had a buzz. In the early stages it really sped up the development. The same thing did not happen later, due to difficult refactoring and bad performance. We do accnowledge that Rails pioneered many concepts for making common web applications faster to write. Since then, while other frameworks have simply picked up those innovations, development on Rails itself has stalled.


No more spaghetti JavaScript+HTML code. Currently, we are using AngularJS (version 1) in almost all our web projects.


Which developer has not typed 'npm install -g ...' into the console nowadays?


Despite React having its own JSX syntax and style (which are not really Designer-friendly), it has a strong appeal right now. It uses pure JavaScript and works fast with the concept of the virtual DOM. We plan to convert our Cordova-based clever.menu-Apps to native apps made with React Native.

NoSQL Databases

Quite frankly, we have not built any program that uses just a NoSQL Database. What works well for us is combining them with SQL. As a companion to SQL, a NoSQL Database (MongoDB, CouchDB, Elasticsearch, Redis) can help to improve performance and enable a more dynamic architecture. At the project clevernow we also use a graph database to make our inference algorithms possible.

Agile Development

We use Jira, Confluence, TeamCity and ...OneNote to facilitate our Scrum process. Which tools do you use?

Clean Code

"Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand."
Martin Fowler, 2008.


For versioning there is just no way around git. Code is central to all our projects, so we need to properly handle it across devices and versions. Git is the most used tool for collaboration, backups and deployment.